Step 1: Prep Asphalt

Clean all asphalt surfaces with high power walk behind blowers and steel bristle brooms. Scrub all dirty areas with brooms then remove dirt and rocks with blowers. Clean cracks by removing all debris and grass.

Step 2: Fill Cracks

Once all debris and grass are removed from the cracks, we fill them with Maxwell Elastoflex 650. This is applied between 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Apply Seal Coat

We use a commercial grade sealcoat. All sealer is delivered to job in our custom-built trucks that contain 1000-gallon tanks. These tanks are built with agitators to keep sealer properly mixed in transit. All sealer is applied to the asphalt surface by hand for one coat application with large bristle brooms. We offer a spray application for two coats to guarantee adequate coverage.

*Product spec sheets available upon request