Sealing your parking lot provides many benefits and can significantly extend the life of your pavement. Sealing your asphalt pavement will protect it from the sun’s damaging UV rays which causes oxidation, making the pavement dry out and become brittle. It will also protect it from chemicals that deteriorate asphalt.

We thoroughly clean all asphalt surfaces with high power walk behind blowers and steel bristle brooms.  Scrub all dirty areas with brooms then remove dirt and rocks with blowers.  All debris and grass are removed from cracks prior to filling.

Crack Repair

The primary reason for cracking is oxidation of asphalt that materializes due to the sun’s UV rays. These rays dry out the asphalt that binds pavement together and causes it to lose plasticity. As temperatures fluctuate, the asphalt shrinks and expands, causing cracks to form.

Asphalt crack repair is one of the most effective asphalt maintenance procedures when it comes to protecting and expanding the life of your pavement. To ensure the longevity of the asphalt, it is critical to fill asphalt cracks as soon as they develop. The good news is, asphalt crack repair is inexpensive and can be performed any time of the year!

The freeze/thaw cycles of winter enable moisture to penetrate under the asphalt and form ice under the surface. This process enables significant deterioration to initiate and potholes to form — requiring extensive asphalt repairs.